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Table 4 Literature categorized by concept or measured value

From: Adapting the theory of resilience to energy systems: a review and outlook

Quantitative/qualitative Application Reference
Concept Housing for senior citizens as an example of a UK for energy system [8]
Concept Traditional urban districts in Italy [29]
Concept Framework for urban energy resilience [37]
Concept Energy and mobility system [47]
Concept Using microgrids to achieve climate change adaption and mitigation goals [50]
Concept Coalfields of Hunter Valley in Australia [51]
Concept Model for system resilience [52]
Concept Implementation of low-exergy technologies in northwest Germany [56]
Concept Region in northwest Germany to the context of climate change [57]
Concept Cyber threats in the energy sector [58]
Concept Energy systems research [59]
Concept Integrated energy systems [60]
Concept Disaster management [61]
Concept Microgrids to enhance energy security [62]
Concept Municipalities in Cambodia [63]
Concept Urban resilience and transformation [64]
Concept Earth as a system with respect to climate change [65]
Concept German energy transition [66]
Concept Sociotechnical systems such as urban development [67]
Concept Impact of climate change on the electricity sector in Austria and Germany [68]
Concept Solar-assisted carbon capture and storage [69]
Measured value Transformation from a fossil-based energy system to a system based on renewables [6]
Measured value Computer networks [31]
Measured value Energy system and energy security [48]
Measured value Austrian municipalities in to the context of climate change [49]
Measured value Electricity systems [55]
Measured value Hydrogen-based energy system [70]
Measured value Renewable energy hybrid system for buildings in New York City [71]
Measured value Aquatic trophic networks in the southern Gulf of Mexico [72]
Measured value Organizational resilience of critical infrastructure providers in New Zealand [73]
Measured value UK energy system [74]
Measured value Low-carbon technologies at a local level [75]
Measured value Energy systems of Finnish municipalities [76]
Measured value Assessment of energy systems in Indonesia [77]
Measured value Energy transition in Bavaria, Germany [78]
Measured value Cities and urban development [79]
Measured value Transition of the German energy system [80]
Measured value Assessment of performance-based system resilience [81]