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Table 4 Management practices and related costs for loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) on lowlands and uplands (costs based on Dooley and Barlow [25])

From: A spatially explicit approach to modeling biological productivity and economic attractiveness of short-rotation woody crops in the eastern USA

Year Activity Bottomland Upland Cost, $US ha−1
0 Chemical site preparation X X 185
0 Spot pile, shear, and bed X   593
0 Di-ammonium phosphate application (22.4 kg ha−1) X X 89
0 Open pollinated seedlings (2224 trees ha−1) X X 124
0 Planting labor X X $178
0 Herbaceous weed control treatment X X 111
3 Urea Fertilizer (487.5 kg ha−1) X X 395
12 Harvest X X