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Table 2 Variables included in fsQCA

From: Acceptability of innovative biomass heating plants in a German case study—a contribution to cultural landscape management and local energy supply

Variables Variable name* Variable sources
Ethical acceptance ETHICS/ethics Macro variable, mean of four sub-variables: (1) acceptance of using biomass for generating heat and (2) its usefulness, (3) relevance for local energy supply, and (4) relevance for maintaining regional wetlands
General interest in specific carburettor technology INTEREST/interest Survey data directly used
Insufficient readiness of technology as perceived implementation barrier READYBARRIER/readybarrier New built variable using data from variable “interest in technology” and “perceived readiness of technology” (code plan: Additional file 3)
Satisfaction with current heating system on farm SATISF/satisf Survey data directly used
No availability of material (feedstock) NOMAT/nomat Survey data directly used
  1. *For explanation see Table 3