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Table 1 Action plan and initiatives implemented to protect water quality and the aquatic environment. Adapted from [52,53,54]

From: Sustainability governance of the Danish bioeconomy — the case of bioenergy and biomaterials from agriculture

YearNational regulationEU regulation
1985Action Plan on nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter (NPo) 
1987Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment I (API) 
1991Action Plan for Sustainable AgricultureNitrates Directive (1991/696/EC)
1998Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment II (APII) 
2000 Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC)
2001Ammonia Action Plan 
2004Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment III(APIII) 
2006 Ground Water directive (2006/118/EF)
2009Green Growth Plan 
2011River Basin Management Plans, implementing the EU Water Framework Directive 
2016Agriculture Agreement