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Table 2 Projected capacity of second-generation biofuel plants in the US, 2016–2017 [2]

From: Integrating policy, market, and technology for sustainability governance of agriculture-based biofuel and bioeconomic development in the US

CompanyLocationFuel typeAnnual volume (million liters)
 DuPontNevada, IAEthanol114
 PoetEmmetsburg, IAEthanol91
 OCCPGalva, IAEthanol15
 Total  220
 AbengoaHugoton, KSEthanol95
 Cool PlanetAlexandria, LAGasoline4
 DuPontNevada, IAEthanol114
 INEOS BioVero Beach, FLEthanol30
 PoetEmmetsburg, IAEthanol91
 OCCPGalva, IAEthanol8
 Total  341