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Table 1 Hot topics with the strongest positive trend

From: Reflecting trends in the academic landscape of sustainable energy using probabilistic topic modeling

Topic no.Slope rankSuperordinate themeTopic interpretationTop 20 topic terms ordered by decreasing probability for each topic
571Electrical energy storageMaterials for electrochemical energy storage via batteries or supercapacitorselectrode, battery, carbon, electrolyte, electrochemical, cycle, cell, cathode, energy_storage, low_cost, electrode_material, report, anode, discharge, lithium, exhibit, supercapacitor, material, redox, graphene
132Fuel cellsMaterials for catalysis in fuel cellscatalyst, activity, electrochemical, graphene, active, electrocatalyst, cobalt, efficient, surface, exhibit, highly, stability, report, electrode, platinum, fuel_cell, oxidation, active_site, superior, catalytic
633Hydrogen productionPhotosensitive materials and photocatalysis for water splittingtio_two, photocatalyst, semiconductor, photocatalytic, tio, water_splitting, visible_light, photo, cds, exhibit, photocatalysis, degradation, electron, solar_energy, dye, light, photoanode, band, photocurrent, report
1544NanotechnologySynthesis of nanomaterialsscan, characterize, synthesis, nanoparticle, prepare, sample, characterization, technique, synthesize, zno, obtain, confirm, property, morphology, precursor, material, ion, x_ray_diffraction, observe, oxide
10912NanotechnologyProperties of materialsmaterial, structure, property, nanomaterial, molecule, bond, nano, functional, compound, shell, sulfur, molecular, formation, exhibit, surface, unique, excellent, electron, report, layer
26215NanotechnologyStructure of nanomaterialsparticle, polymer, nanoparticle, nanocomposite, preparation, fabrication, powder, size, prepare, porous, spray, synthesis, matrix, agent, formation, poly, highly, silica, simple, rgo
2425Chemical catalysisChemical catalysis for various types of reactionsreaction, catalyst, catalytic, methanol, oxidation, ligand, conversion, complex, compound, intermediate, selective, catalysis, acid, synthesis, yield, oxygen, chemical, highly, metal, molecular
2556Digital network communicationWireless sensor networks and real-time data for energy applicationsalgorithm, node, power, network, wireless, transmission, protocol, energy_harvesting, user, communication, technique, sensor, sensor_node, spectrum, data, scheme, channel, battery, maximize, distribute
1117Mechanical energy harvestingTriboelectric nanogenerator and piezoelectric effect for small scale applicationsmechanical, power, teng, powered, harvest, device, motion, vibration, energy_harvesting, sensor, flexible, output, generate, electrical, circuit, electronics, power_source, magnetic, drive, piezoelectric
1258Sustainable building materialsAlternative blendings or replacement materials for cementconcrete, cement, brick, material, aggregate, strength, fly_ash, property, durability, mortar, compressive_strength, binder, block, sand, produce, lime, replacement, clay, replace, specimen
2539BiofuelsBiofuel from algal biomassbiodiesel, microalgae, algae, biodiesel_production, lipid, cultivation, algal, yield, produce, feedstock, culture, microalgal, transesterification, nutrient, biofuel, oil, fuel, potential, algal_biomass, content
25110BiofuelsProduction of biomethanol by fermentation of biomassfermentation, sugar, pretreatment, glucose, enzyme, yield, obtain, cellulose, hydrolysis, produce, lignin, substrate, lignocellulosic_biomass, g_l, pulp, carbohydrate, biomass, pretreated, ethanol, acid
17213BiofuelsBio-based materials from lignocellulosic feedstocksextraction, separation, solvent, extract, acid, lignin, recovery, cellulose, liquid, leach, water, yield, ionic_liquid, compound, chemical, surfactant, step, distillation, separate, recover
7414BiofuelsBiogas production from anaerobic digestionbioga, anaerobic_digestion, produce, methane, manure, sludge, biogas, fertilizer, substrate, bioga_production, digestate, biomethane, organic_waste, food_waste, digester, bioga_plant, anaerobic, digestion, biogas_production, compost
9011Modeling and optimizationOptimization models and algorithms for power systems operation and marketsoptimal, optimization, optimize, constraint, minimize, algorithm, objective, maximize, solution, scheduling, multi_objective, optimization_model, solve, minimization, formulate, objective_function, search, simultaneously, trade, genetic_algorithm
  1. Topics equal to or above the 95% quantile regarding the slope of the linear models; topics are clustered according to superordinate themes; the order of themes follows the topic with the highest rank belonging to a theme; rank 1 indicates the topic with the strongest positive trend