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Table 2 Highly abundant topics

From: Reflecting trends in the academic landscape of sustainable energy using probabilistic topic modeling

Topic no.Abundance rankSuperordinate themeTopic interpretationTop 20 topic terms ordered by decreasing probability for each topic
57*1Electrical energy storageMaterials for electrochemical energy storage via batteries or supercapacitorsSee Table 1
1002UrbanizationCities, districts, and urban planningcity, urban, urban_area, urban_development, urban_planning, urbanization, urban_metabolism, urban_form, urban_sustainability, neighbourhood, district, sustainable_urban, density, urban_environment, urban_design, sustainable_urban_development, residential, scale, urban_ecosystem, spatial
2763Life cycle assessmentEnvironmental life cycle assessment with focus on carbon footprintslca, environmental_impact, impact, life_cycle_assessment_lca, life_cycle, impact_category, life_cycle_assessment, emission, environmental_performance, stage, global_warming_potential, gwp, functional_unit, assess, environmental_burden, category, environmental, impact_assessment, perform, phase
242*4Chemical catalysisChemical catalysis for various types of reactionsSee Table 1
90*5Modeling and optimizationOptimization models and algorithms for power systems operation and marketsSee Table 1
306Heating and coolingLow temperature heating, cooling and efficiency technologiesheat, cool, heating, heat_pump, temperature, cooling, thermal, fluid, performance, heat_exchanger, heating_system, waste_heat, heat_recovery, absorption, air, heat_transfer, operate, low_temperature, cycle, condenser
125*7Sustainable building materialsAlternative blending or replacement materials for cementSee Table 1
  1. Topics equal to or above the 95% quantile regarding the cumulative sum of topic probability (quantile is based on topics with positive slope only); rank 1 indicates the topic with the highest cumulative sum; topic marked with an asterisk also belong to the topics with the strongest positive trend (see Table 1)