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Table 3 Cold topics with the strongest negative trend

From: Reflecting trends in the academic landscape of sustainable energy using probabilistic topic modeling

Topic no.Slope rankSuperordinate themeTopic interpretationTop 20 topic terms ordered by decreasing probability for each topic
254300Sustainable developmentGlobal developments of humanity and natural resource useworld, earth, environment, natural_resource, human, future, global, sustainable_development, resource, energy_resource, man, population, planet, nature, humanity, today, problem, life, population_growth, future_generation
280291 Development in Asiaasustainable_development, promote, japan, environmental_protection, put, forward, comprehensive, progress, economic_development, promotion, utilization, japanese, coordination, government, national, realize, establishment, protection, country, developmental
51299AgricultureProduction of food crops and the extent of using agrochemicalsagricultural, agriculture, crop, farmer, farm, farming, organic, input, agricultural_production, food, cultivation, pesticide, productivity, crop_production, production_system, agricultural_system, fertilizer, farming_system, intensive, agroecosystem
104298International cooperationInternational technology transfer and financial support mechanismscountry, access, promote, policy, international, support, government, incentive, mechanism, priority, market, technology_transfer, clean_development_mechanism, institution, lack, domestic, finance, encourage, provision, experience
252297Rural areasLivelihood and development of rural communitiesrural, village, poor, rural_area, livelihood, people, local, traditional, income, district, settlement, poverty, region, area, rural_development, access, indigenous, situation, population, rural_community
225296Nuclear energyPotentials and risks of nuclear powernuclear, nuclear_power, nuclear_energy, safety, future, japan, nuclear_power_plant, korea, risk, disaster, energy_source, electricity, fossil_fuel, option, korean, plan, safeguard, today, energy_mix, century
10289Nuclear energyNuclear energy technologyreactor, fuel, fuel_cycle, core, fusion, uranium, fast_reactor, spend, advanced, safety, plutonium, nuclear_energy, reprocess, cycle, neutron, thorium, nuclear, nuclear_fuel, lwr, nuclear_fuel_cycle
207295PopulationQuality of life in the context of population growthpopulation, people, live, world, life, grow, century, billion, planet, today, society, billion_people, poverty, living, quality_life, health, decade, bring, old, global
31294WelfareWelfare effects of economic growth and green growtheconomy, economic, growth, employment, economic_growth, gdp, economic_activity, job, welfare, income, economics, wealth, decoupling, country, social, industrial, labor, green_growth, natural_resource, create
161293Human environment systemsRelationship between human activities and ecosystemshuman, natural, ecosystem, nature, ecological, biological, human_activity, relationship, organism, biophysical, matter, theory, natural_capital, life, resilience, human_society, biosphere, natural_environment, regenerative, environment
185292International economic relationsInternational trade with a focus on the USA and Asiacountry, trade, domestic, export, import, international, world, global, cooperation, economic_development, asia, usa, asian, developed_country, nation, economy, foreign, commodity, international_trade, trading
221290RegulationLegislation and institutional authorityregulation, law, regulatory, government, legal, institutional, institution, international, rule, political, act, public, legislation, policy, protection, authority, state, reform, effort, national
85288Turkish energy systemPotentials and resources of the Turkish energy systemturkey, renewable_energy_source, fossil_fuel, country, energy_demand, import, renewable_energy, energy_source, renewable_energy_resource, domestic, grow, world, energy_supply, energy_resource, potential, rapidly, turkish, renewable_source, renewable, supply
49287Energy marketsRestructuring of electricity markets and competitionmarket, industry, competition, reform, producer, sale, competitive, electricity_market, competitiveness, restructuring, create, price, sell, revenue, trading, promote, demand, enter, expansion, government
217286ForestryForest management for biomass productionforest, wood, forestry, timber, harvest, forest_biomass, forest_management, harvesting, management, wood_product, log, deforestation, finland, forest_resource, woody_biomass, fire, manage, forest_ecosystem, forest_product, conservation
  1. Topics equal to or below the 5% quantile regarding the slope of the linear models; rank 300 indicates the topic with the strongest negative trend
  2. aThe top topic terms refer to Japan, however, examining the abstracts associated with the topic showed that the topic addresses the geographical context of Japan including, e.g,. China