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Table 2 Data analysis from the literature

From: Optimisation of photovoltaic and battery systems from the prosumer-oriented total cost of ownership perspective

#AuthorInterest rate per year (%)Opportunity costs of capital (%)Inflation per year (%)Electricity price (ct/kWh)Feed-in remuneration (ct/kWh)Lifetime PV (years)Lifetime BES (years)
1Akter et al. [30]4--22-2510
2Bertolini et al. [31]5  16 20 and 25-
3Bortolini et al. [32]-532042525
4Comello and Reichelstein [33]7.5  10–13.511–2830-
5Cucchiella et al. [34]35220192020
6Kaschub et al. [36]1-229.53.52020
7Klise et al. [37]   11.1 25-
8Naumann et al. [39]4-23012.562012.5
9Uddin et al. [42]------5
10Zhang et al. [44]-----2525