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Table 26 Globally installed capacity of renewable energy in 2017—Global 2018 status report with regard to the ranking of renewables [68]

From: Renewable energy for sustainable development in India: current status, future prospects, challenges, employment, and investment opportunities

Installed capacityRank IRank IIRank IIIRank IVRank V
Renewable power capacity (Including hydropower)ChinaUSABrazilGermanyIndia
Renewable power capacity (not Including hydropower)ChinaUSAGermanyIndiaJapan
Bio powerChinaUSABrazilGermanyJapan
Geothermal powerUSAPhilippinesIndonesiaTurkeyNew Zealand
Solar PVChinaUSAJapanGermanyItaly
CSPSpainUSASouth AfricaIndiaMorocco
Wind powerChinaUSAGermanyIndiaSpain