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Table 34 Wind energy job classification based on education levels

From: Renewable energy for sustainable development in India: current status, future prospects, challenges, employment, and investment opportunities

Project developmentMetrological Technician, Land acquisition specialist, Quality Engineer, Civil Engineer, Environmental scientists, Resource scientists, Regulatory experts, Project Engineer, Power Systems Engineer, financial manager, Power marketers, Attorneys
Component manufacturingTransportation worker, Trade Worker, Assemblers and fabricators, Salesperson, Logisticians, Buyer, Quality Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Sales Engineer, Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, Aerospace Engineer, Research engineer, Attorneys
ConstructionConstruction worker, Trade worker, Construction Manager, Quality Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Project Engineer, Project manager
OperationsMetrological Technician, Wind technician, Environmental science technician, Site/plant manager, Quality Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Asset manager, Attorneys
Education training and ResearchTechnical trainer/instructor, Training and development managers, Analyst and Researcher, Research Engineer, Professor, Research Scientist