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Table 35 Solar energy job classification based on education level

From: Renewable energy for sustainable development in India: current status, future prospects, challenges, employment, and investment opportunities

ManufacturingComputer Numerical control operator, Advanced manufacturing technician, Instrumentation and Electronics technician, Quality assurance specialist, Process control technician, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Material Scientists
System designIT Specialist, Residential PV System Designer, Engineering Technician, Utility Interconnection Engineer, Structural Engineer, Solar Energy Systems Designer, Software Engineer, Power Systems Engineer
Project developmentSolar Site Assessor, Solar Sales Representative, Solar Marketing Specialist, Building Inspector with Solar Expertise, Electrical Inspector (Solar Expertise), Code Official with Solar Expertise, Electrical Inspector with Solar Expertise, Code Official with Solar Expertise, Solar Utility Procurement Specialist, Solar Project Developer, Lawyer with Solar Expertise
Installation and operationsSolar Assembler / Basic Installer, Solar Crew Chief, Roofer with Solar Expertise, Plumber with Solar Expertise, Solar Service Technician (residential), Solar PV Installer , HVAC Technician with Solar Expertise, Solar PV Technician (commercial/utility), Electrician with Solar Expertise, Solar Project Manager, Solar Installation Contractor, Solar Fleet Manager, Solar Instructor