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Table 37 Small hydropower job classification based on education levels

From: Renewable energy for sustainable development in India: current status, future prospects, challenges, employment, and investment opportunities

Equipment manufacture and distributionR&D, Design and manufacture: of turbines; generators and excitation; other hydro-mechanical components (e.g., valves, penstocks); other electrical components (e.g., transformers, power, electronics, etc.); governor and control systems, Quality, assurance, Marketing and sales, Delivery
Project developmentDesign, Site investigations, and feasibility studies, Environmental and social assessment, Financing Land agreements, Licensing/Permitting, Selection of the supplier
Construction AND InstallationProject construction, Project commission
Operation and maintenanceRoutine operation and maintenance, Minor equipment overhauls, Major equipment overhauls
Cross-cutting/enabling activitiesTraining, Policymaking, Management & Administration, Insurance, IT, Health and safety, Financing