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Table 3 Descriptive statistics for variables explaining the adoption of biogas technology

From: Determinants of biogas technology adoption in southern Ethiopia

VariableAdopter (N = 134)Non-adopter (N = 134)t value
Age of household head45.947.41.10
Education level63.9− 5.06**
Size of household66.080.36
Cattle heads9.237.75− 3.36**
Total annual income81587.5431819.10− 10.66**
Size of farmland1.250.98− 4.53**
Number of planted trees723.7193.0− 2.41*
Distance to fuelwood source56.5835.16− 5.68**
Distance to water source26.3446.506.12**
Distance to the nearest market46.3463.9955.17*
χ2 value
Sex of household head (%)
Access to credit (%)
 Having access to credit (1)97.029.9 
Adequacy of water source (%)
 Have adequate water (1)49.39.7 
Perception to use and management (%)**
 Resistant perception (1)   
Access to electricity (%)
Access to electricity (1)2.210.4 
Electronic media (%)
 Having electronic media (1)95.582.8 
  1. Note: ** and * represent statistically significant mean differences between biogas users and non-users at p < 0.01 and p < 0.05, respectively