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Table 6 Relative regulations published from 1989to 2017

From: Towards a sustainable distributed energy system in China: decision-making for strategies and policy implications

FYPaTimeTypeTitle of document
7th1989Concept EstablishmentThe State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) published Regulations on Encouraging Small-scale Combined Heat and Power System Development and Regulations on Restricting Small-scale Condensate Thermal Power Generation System Constructions (SDPC Resource No. [2013] 937)
8th1995Concept EstablishmentThe Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the Law of Electricity Power.
9th1998Concept EstablishmentThe Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the Law of Energy Conservation.
9th1998Concept EstablishmentThe SDPC published Regulations on the Development of Combined Heat and Power Systems (SDPC Transportation & Energy No. [1998] 220)
9th2000Concept EstablishmentThe SDPC, the State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC), the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MDHURD), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) jointly issued a Regulation for the Development of Combined Heat and Power Systems (SDPC Basis No. [2000] 1268)
10th2004Concept EstablishmentThe National Development and the Reform Commission (NDRC) published a Report on the Relative Problems of Distributed Energy Systems. (NDPC Energy No. [2004] 1702)
11th2006Implementation InstructionThe NDPC and other 7 Commissions issued Suggestions on the Implementation of the Top 10 Major Energy Conservation Projects in the 11th Five-Year Plan.
11th2006Implementation InstructionThe National Energy Administration (NEA) proposed Preliminary Opinions on the Implementation of Middle-term and Long-term Science and Technology Development.
11th2007Concept EstablishmentThe NDRC published a Policy of Nature Gas Utilization.
11th2007Management SystemThe NDRC and MDHURD printed and distributed the notification of Temporary Provisions of Establishment and Management of Combined Heat and Power and Coal Gangue Power Generation Projects.
11th2010Implementation InstructionThe State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) issued Regulations on Intermittency Technologies of Distributed Energy System and National Electricity Networks.
12th2011Implementation InstructionThe NDRC and other 3 commissions published Instructions of Nature Gas Based Distributed Energy Systems.
12th2011Implementation InstructionThe State Council issued a notification for Release Control of Greenhouse Gas in the 12th Five-Year Plan. (SC No. [2011] 411)
12th2012Concept EstablishmentThe NEA published a Research Report about a New Energy Industry Development Tendency.
12th2012Concept EstablishmentThe MOHURD issued the 12th Five-Year Plan of National Country’s Nature Gas Application Development.
12th2012Concept EstablishmentThe NDRC published a notification of The First National Modelling Projects of Nature Gas Distributed Energy Systems.
12th2013Concept EstablishmentThe State Council issued the 12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development.
12th2013Implementation InstructionThe NEA published Temporary Provisions of a Distributed Generation Management.
12th2013Management SystemThe SGCC published Suggestions for Distributed Energy System Intermittency.
12th2013Implementation InstructionThe NDRC published a notification of Achieving the Goal of Energy Conversation and Pollution Reduction. (NDRC Environment & Resource No. [2013] 1585)
12th2014Management SystemThe NDRC published the Management Regulations for Small-scale Enterprise Power Generation Standardization.
12th2014Concept EstablishmentThe NEA published a notification of Promoting the Establishment of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation and the Applied Demonstration Region. (NEA New Energy No. [2014] 512)
12th2015Concept EstablishmentThe NEA published the Instruction for Promoting the Development of New Energy Sources Based Micro-Grid Power Generation Projects (NEA New Energy No. [2015] 265)
12th2015Management SystemThe NEA published a notification for Implementing Information Management of Power Generation Projects based upon Renewable Energy Sources (NEA New Energy No. [2015] 358)
12th2015Management SystemThe NDRC published a notification regarding Planning and Construction after Delegation of Approving Power Generation Projects (NDRC Energy No. [2015] 2236)
12th2015Implementation InstructionThe NDRC published Instructions for Accelerating the Establishment and Renovation of Distribution Networks (NDRC Energy No. [2015] 1899)
13th2016Management SystemThe NEA published Instructions for Establishing Guidance with regard to the Development Goal of Renewable Energy. (NEA New Energy No. [2016] 54)
13th2016Concept EstablishmentThe NDRC published Instructions from Promoting the Development of Electricity Substitutes (NDRC Energy [2016] 1054)
13th2017Management SystemThe NDRC and NEA published a Notification with regard to the Establishment of Distributed Energy Marketization Trading Trials.
13th2017Management SystemThe NDRC and NEA published Implementation Instructions for Promoting the Development and Renovation of Power Generation Safety.
13th2017Management SystemThe NDRC published a Notification with regard to the Price Policy of Photovoltaic Power Generation in 2018. (NDRC Price No. [2017] 2196)
13th2017Implementation InstructionThe NDRC published the Instruction for the Establishment of Biomass Power Electricity Projects (NDRC Environment & Resource No. [2017] 2143)
13th2017Implementation InstructionThe NDRC published a Notification with regard to a Printing and Distributing Pricing Law of Area Network Power and Inter-Province Power (NDRC Price No. [2017 2269]
13th2017Implementation InstructionThe NDRC published a Notification with regard to Cancelling Temporary Electricity Network Intermission Fee and Clarifying Fee Policy of Private Power Plants/ (NDRC Price No. [2017] 1895)
13th2017Implementation InstructionThe NDRC published a Notification with regard to Printing and Distributing Tentative Measures for Promoting Micro-Grid Networks Which can be Combined to the National Power Network (NDRC Energy No. [2017] 1339)
  1. aFYP five-year plan