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Table 7 Summary of the Chinese major distributed energy system projects

From: Towards a sustainable distributed energy system in China: decision-making for strategies and policy implications

YearCurrent StatusCityProject
1998Shut offShanghaiShanghai Huangpu District Central Hospital
2000OperatingShanghaiShanghai Pudong International Airport
2002Shut offShanghaiShanghai Shuya Health and Leisure Center
2003Teaching PurposeShanghaiShanghai University of Science and Technology
2003OperatingBeijingBeijing sub-station station building
2004Teaching PurposeShanghaiShanghai Zizhu Science and Technology Park Software Building
2004Teaching PurposeBeijingTsinghua University for Energy Efficiency Building
2004OperatingBeijingBeijing Gas Group Monitoring Center
2007OperatingShanghaiShanghai Minhang District Central Hospital
2007OperatingBeijingBeijing Olympic Energy Exhibition Center
2008Shut offBeijingBeijing South Railway Station
2009OperatingGuangzhouGuangzhou University City
2009OperatingChangshaHuanghua Airport
2011OperatingGuangzhouGuangdong Aluminum Group
2013OperatingXiangtanXiangtan Jiuhua Demonstration Zone
2014OperatingDongguanDongguan, Guangdong shoe factory
IncompleteBeijingBeijing Zhongguancun Software Park Software Square
IncompleteBeijingBeijing International Trade Center Phase III Project
IncompleteBeijingBeijing International Shopping Center