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Table 1 Change in Gibbs energy and enthalpy for different steps on route B towards OME-4 published by Burger [9, 76]. Gases were approximated as ideal gas; liquids assumed as ideal mixtures. Thermodynamic property data were taken from Perry and Green for the ideal gas state and liquid state [68]

From: Thermodynamic and ecological preselection of synthetic fuel intermediates from biogas at farm sites

ProductEq.p, barT, KΔHR (STP), kJ/molΔGR (STP), kJ/molΔHR(p,T), kJ/molΔGR(p,T), kJ/mol
Methanol(8)80523− 49.23.5− 58.78.3
Formaldehyde(9)1903− 156.7− 176.1− 148.2− 210.3
Methylal (l)(10)2333− 72.2− 20.2− 60.0− 30.4
Trioxan (l)(11)1343− 118.0− 7.2− 130.4− 40.9
OME-4 (l)(12)1343− 9.038.1− 30.733.2
  1. STP standard pressure and temperature, R real gas