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Table 6 Substance characteristics relevant for storage, transport, and safety requirements; if not specified otherwise, data was taken from the [43]

From: Thermodynamic and ecological preselection of synthetic fuel intermediates from biogas at farm sites

Molecular formulaCH4OC2H6OC4H10OC8H18OC2H6O
Boiling point (°C)6578118195−24.8
Auto-ignition temperature (°C)440400345245240
Explosion limits (vol%)6–503.1–27.71.4–11.32.8–24.4 Mol%
Explosion limits (g/m3)80–66559–53243–350 
Flash Point (°C)9123584− 42.2
Solubility in water (g/L at 25 °C) [49]10001000680.54n.s.
UN hazard class [12]33332.1