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Table 1 Data used for modeling heat demand

From: Bioenergy plants’ potential for contributing to heat generation in Germany

IZES heat demandHeat demand in GWhth/a on a municipal level for the residential, TCS, and industrial sectorsIZES gGmbH, Wuppertal Institut, Fraunhofer UMSICHT [20]2011
DBFZ BEP databaseLocations and technical information on bioenergy plants in Germany, containing approx. 14,000 individual plantsDBFZ2016
ATKIS basis DLMDigital landscape model (scale 1:25,000) with spatial and content-related information on land use in vector data format©GeoBasis-DE/BKG [19]2012
Administrative areasAdministrative areas of Germany (NUTS 0-3, LAU 1-2) including population figures©GeoBasis-DE/BKG [21]2016
Geographical gridGeographical grid of Germany with a raster cell size of 100 m × 100 m©GeoBasis-DE/BKG [22]2018
POI-BundLocations and additional information on schools and hospitals©GeoBasis-DE/BKG [23]2018
OSM buildingsOpenStreetMap buildings datasetGeofabrik GmbH, OpenStreetMap, and contributors [24]2018
Census 2011Small-scale (raster cells, 100 m × 100 m) population statistics for GermanyDestatis (Federal Statistical Office) [25]2015