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Table 4 Key determinants for assessing the economic feasibility of BEP heat sales potential (eHSP)

From: Bioenergy plants’ potential for contributing to heat generation in Germany

DeterminantsEffects on the BEP heat sales potential
1Location (distance)The distance between a BEP and a potential heat sink determines the required length of heat pipelines (investment costs).
2Type of heat sink (TyHS)Seasonal fluctuations and peaks in the heat demand vary depending on the type of heat sink (heat load profiles). Peaks and troughs in heat demand might justify the use of peak load boilers (PLB) and heat storage facilities (HST).
3Heat supply-demand ratio (FQ)Heat distribution infrastructure needs to fit the given supply-demand ratio (transmission capacity) which also determines the potential earnings from heat sales.
4Heat price at the point of sale (Ch@POS)The additional income expected from heat sales depends not only on the distribution costs but also on the market price for heat.