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Table 8 Number of BEP with option for district heating networks and heat sales potential per category

From: Bioenergy plants’ potential for contributing to heat generation in Germany

 ResidentialTCS/industrialLarge individual heat consumers (LIHC)Total
Analyzed BEP14,236
BEP without district heating network option6853
BEP with district heating network option7383a
Option A143549931916--
Option B994882180--
Heat sales potential [TWhth/a]
Option A34.9994.051.23130.27
Option B11.1611.890.2923.34
  1. aSome of the BEPs have a heat sales potential in more than one category (residential, TCS/industrial, LIHC) and are suitable for Options A and B. The number of plants per category and option can therefore not be added up