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Table 10 Urban sustainability index with indicator weights [22]

From: Sustainability indices for energy utilization using a multi-criteria decision model

Component index Subcomponents index Indicator
Urban status index (0.41) Socioeconomic development index (0.50) Per capita GDP (0.36)
   Growth rate of GDP (0.20)
   Percentage of population below the poverty line (0.30)
   Educational investment share in GDP (0.14)
  Environmental index (0.30) Daily concentration of SO2 (0.20)
   Daily concentration of particulate matter (PM10) (0.24)
   Percentage of water meeting the drinking quality standard (0.22)
   Average concentration of chemical oxygen demand (COD) (0.14)
   Area of arable land per capita (0.10)
   Per capita water resource (0.10)
  Institutional capacity index (0.20) Citizens’ satisfaction with their city
Urban coordination index (0.34) Coordination index of economic and environmental (0.34) Generation of waste water per 10,000 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) GDP (0.15)
   Ratio of sewage treatment (0.20)
   Generation of SO2 per 10,000 CNY GDP (0.15)
   Recycling ratio of urban wastes (0.20)
   Environmental investment share in GDP (0.30)
Urban potential index (0.25) Ecological and environmental potential index (0.60) Ratio of renewable resources consumption to their generation (0.20)
   Ratio of non-renewable resources consumption to their substitution (0.25)
   Ratio of degradable pollutant emission to their purification (0.25)
   Ratio of non-degradable pollutant emission to their purification (0.30)
  Welfare growth potential index (0.40) Growth rate of basic needs index (0.60)
   Growth rate of income per capita (0.40)