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Table 11 Indicators for sustainable development [25]

From: Sustainability indices for energy utilization using a multi-criteria decision model

Theme No Indicator
Economic 1 Average personal income
  2 Female/male employment rate
  3 Unemployment rate
  4 Percentage of households with internet connection
  5 Percentage of public places with wireless internet connections
  6 Average daily per capita water use (liter) (excluding industrial use)
  7 Electricity consumption per person
Social 8 Urban population density
  9 Female/male life expectancy
  10 Number of households below the poverty line
  11 Wealth gap
  12 Crime rate
  13 Annual casualties from public disasters
  14 Annual number of transportation accidents
  15 Per capita attendance of art and cultural activities
  16 Average number of students per classroom
  17 Ratio of the population with a college level education
  18 Rate of expansion of urban development lands (including residential, commercial, industrial, and public facilities)
  19 Per capital floor area of private dwellings
  20 Public facility area ratio to urban land areas
  21 Per capita park and green areas
  22 Riverside park and green area per person
  23 Sewerage and waste removal efficiency
  24 Rate of sanitary sewerage to total sewerage system
  25 Car ownership rate
  26 Motorcycle ownership rate
  27 Areas covered with public transportation system
  28 Per capita pedestrian walkway index
  29 Per capita bikeway index
  30 Number of bicycle kickstands
Environmental 31 Number of bird species living naturally in the environment
  32 Number of fish species living naturally in the environment
  33 Green resource index
  34 Permeable rate in urban lands
  35 Number of days with PSI > 100
  36 Per capita CO2 emissions
  37 Proportion of slightly polluted rivers
  38 Reservoir water quality
  39 Tap water quality
  40 Per capita daily waste production
  41 Recycling ratio for solid waste
  42 Ratio of solid waste composted to total waste production
  43 Utilization rate for renewable resources (bottom ashes)
Institutional 44 Enforcement of local environmental plans
  45 Citizen participation in major planning and decision-making
  46 Joint international cooperation regarding sustainable development (SD)
  47 Environmental and ecological budget ratio to total budget
  48 Social welfare expenditure ratio to total expenditure
  49 Government expenditure on pollution prevention and resource recycling
  50 Ratio of completed assessments to initiated assessments
  51 Appellate statistics of court cases related to environmental pollution