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Table 18 Set of indicators for sustainable energy development [55]

From: Sustainability indices for energy utilization using a multi-criteria decision model

Dimension Code Indicator Data required
Technical TEC1 Share of depletable (non-renewable) energies in total primary energy supply (TPES) TPES; total consumption of non-renewable energies
  TEC2 Depletion coefficient of local energy resources Domestic production values of coal, oil, natural gas and solid fuels; proved reserves of coal, oil, natural gas; total forest area; total land area
  TEC3 Overall system conversion efficiency Total final consumption (TFC); TPES
Economic ECO1 Per capita consumption of commercial energies Total commercial energy consumption; population
  ECO2 Final energy intensity TFC; GDP in purchasing power parity (PPP)
  ECO3 Share of productive use of energy TFC; residential energy consumption
Social SOC1 Per capita consumption of clean energies in the residential sector Total clean energy consumption in the residential sector; population
  SOC2 Income inequality Gini coefficient
Environmental ENV1 Share of “dirty fuels” in residential energy consumption Total consumption of coal, peat, crude oil, solid fuels; residential energy consumption (REC)
  ENV2 Carbon intensity TPES; total CO2 emissions from fuel combustion
Institutional INS1 Overall self sufficiency TPES; indigenous production