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Table 3 Type of information derived from each policy document analysed using the standard review template (supplementary material 2)

From: Strengths and gaps of the EU frameworks for the sustainability assessment of bio-based products and bioenergy

General information
- Document name/identification
- Origin
- Geographic relevance
- Mandatory character
- Document type
- Effective date
Scope and significance
- Affected/promoted products or resources
- Affected BE sectors
- Precise objective
- Influence on companies in the industry
- Specific targets/goals
- Measurability of included targets/goals
Link to sustainability and sustainability assessment
- Addressing of sustainability dimensions
- Incorporation of sustainability requirements/criteriaa
- Explicit reference to sustainability certification or sustainability assessment
- Direct links to sustainability certification
- Suitability of certification for implementation of the policy/regulation/strategy
  1. aThe terms “criteria” and “requirements” are used synonymously in this context and the following, as they were found to be poorly defined in the investigated documents