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Table 13 Utility grid input specifications

From: Assessment of a decentralized grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) / wind / biogas hybrid power system in northern Nigeria

Parameter Specification Remark/reference
Purchase price ($/kWh) 0.06 [35]
Sellback price ($/kWh) 150% of 0.06 For better motivations to renewable energy projects
Net metering Net purchase On monthly basis as a choice
Emissions (g/kWhe) CO2, 378; CO, 0.03; SO2, 1.9; NOx, 0.41; PM, 0.14 Calculated based on the country’s electricity mix ratio /[39]
Sales capacity (kW) 3000 Assumed maximum power to be sold to grid on an event of excess generation
Purchase capacity (kW) 1000 Assumed maximum power to be purchased from grid on an event of shortage