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Table 15 Additional input specification for biogas generator fuel

From: Assessment of a decentralized grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) / wind / biogas hybrid power system in northern Nigeria

Parameter Specification Remarks/reference
Biomass quantity (tons/day) 136.58 Summation of all the considered dry matters below
Biomass cost ($/tons) 0 Wastes minimization for environmental benefits
Biomass aggregate carbon C (%) 26.34 Calculated based on the share of each waste in total
Biogas to biomass ratio on aggregate (kg/kg) 0.27 Calculated based on the share of biogas potential of each waste in the total
Low heating value of biogas (MJ/kg) 20 Selected from a range /[29]
Biogas’ density (kg/m3) 1.2 Selected from a range /[29]
Biogas’ CO2 emission factor (g/kWhelec.) 3.12 Homer Pro conventional setting
  1. Biomass considered: cow-dung: (65.75 tons/day, C 22.5%, 0.24 kg biogas/kg DM), goat-dung: (47.12 tons/day, C 29.5%, 0.2 kg biogas/kg DM), sheep-dung: (15.97 tons/day, C:31.4%, 0.3 kg biogas/kg DM), chicken-dung: (7.32 tons/day, C 32.4%, 0.34 kg biogas/kg DM), horse-dung: (0.42 tons/day, C 41.5%, 0.36 kg biogas/kg DM) [reference to Table 1]