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Table 2 N and P proportion for different substrates

From: Valorization of organic waste fractions: a theoretical study on biomethane production potential and the recovery of N and P in Austria

Substrate N proportion P proportion Sources
 Cattle dung 0.4%DM 0.1%DM [32, 33]
 Pig dung 0.5%DM 0.3%DM [32, 33]
 Pig manure 0.4%DM 0.2%DM [32, 33]
 Poultry manure 0.5%DM 0.2%DM [32, 33]
 Horse manure w/o straw 0.5%DM 0.1%DM [32, 33]
 Cereal straw 0.5%DM 0.3%DM [34]
 Maize straw 0.9%DM 0.2%DM [34]
 Rape straw 1.1%DM 0.6%DM [34]
 Beet foliage 0.3%DM 0.1%DM [34]
Waste from food production 0.7%DM 0.1%DM [30]
Other biogenic wastes    
 Municipal garden and park waste 2.5%DM 1.7%DM [29]
 Cemetery wastes 2.5%DM 1.7%DM [29]
 Roadside vegetation 2.5%DM 1.7%DM [29]
 Kitchen and food wastes 0.9%DM 0.1%DM [30]
Biowaste from households 0.9%DM 0.1%DM [30]
Bush-, grass- and tree-cuts 2.5%DM 1.7%DM [29]
Sewage sludge 7.5%DM 5.8%DM [21]