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Table 4 Effects on the expanding niche from added value

From: The role of values for niche expansion: the case of solar photovoltaics on large buildings in Sweden

Niche-regime interactionAdded valuesEffects from added values
Role development through value creationSustainability, fair cost, active engagement, and increased knowledge of the energy system• Positive experience of becoming an electricity producer.
• Added values encourage owners to take on the role as infrastructure developers in a decentralized electricity system.
Social network development in the expanding nicheSustainability, positive atmosphere, and fair cost• Decentralized ownership of solar PV increases sustainability in all three dimensions: environmental, social, and financial.
• The shaping of a social identity among the group of niche advocates.
Inclusions of regime actorsInduced innovativeness, fair cost, sustainability, increased knowledge of the energy system, and active engagement• The importance of how solar PV values relate to values from other regime actors, i.e., the property companies and housing companies, in the development of the niche specific social network.
• Values from solar PV affect regime actor and shape new organizational values.
• Added values create new opportunities for utilities.
• Added values can shape the reformation of utilities to become niche advocates for decentralized ownership of solar PV.
Niche empowermentInduced innovativeness, fair cost, and increased knowledge of the energy system• Decentralized ownership of solar PV mostly stretches current regulatory regimes.
• This is sanctioned by the Swedish government and displays a shifted mindset.