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Table 12 Cost of proposed system components (UGX)

From: Designing a solar and wind hybrid system for small-scale irrigation: a case study for Kalangala district in Uganda

Submersible borehole pump9,418,00019,418,000
700 W sine wave inverter300,0001300,000
Sealed solar battery 200 Ah 12 V1,530,000710,710,000
PVC borehole pipes size 1.5”68,000855,780,000
Concrete tank (100m3)18,700,000118,700,000
Wind turbine c/w controller4,216,00014,216,000
Multicrystalline solar modules1,224,0001214,688,000
1 kW Darrieus wind turbine7,000,00017,000,000
Total cost  73,812,000