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Table 1 Characteristics of onshore wind turbines in the scenarios of the study “Naturally compatible energy supply from 100% renewable energies 2050” (Walter et al. 2018)

From: How to achieve the climate targets? Spatial planning in the context of the German energy transition

TechnologyScenario I: “status quo” current technologies and standards for the protection of people and natureScenario II: technological trends and expected future technologies in 2050Scenario III: technical innovation plus for man and nature
Rated power3.0 MW7.58 MW13 kW3.0 MW7.58 MW
Hub height122 m200 m13.5 m122 m200 m
Rotor diameter115.7 m127 m115.7 m127 m
Sound power level105.0 dB[A]108.5 dB[A]105.0 dB[A]108.5 dB[A]