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Table 1 Typology of centralized and decentralized electricity generation

From: Competing socio-technical narratives in times of grid capacity challenges: the representative case of Sweden

  Centralized electricity system Decentralized electricity system
Electricity market Few large actors Several smaller actors
Investment capital Large sums of investment capital are invested in one or a few actors Large sums of investment capital are divided between several actors on all levels of society (micro-, meso- and macro-level)
Facilities A few large power plants that require specialists to operate Several smaller facilities that require generalists to operate
Accountability (centralized/local) Accountability is centralized Accountability is decentralized and divided between local, regional and national institutions and actors
Accountability (public/private) Government and a few large actors Municipal institutions, neighborhoods and local facilities
Employment Requires highly qualified specialists; technocratic elite Requires generalists capable of adapting local energy sources to local needs
Electricity system Dominates the preconditions for its surroundings and the environment Is dominated by the preconditions of its surroundings and environment