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Table 2 Names and descriptions of variables used in cluster analysis

From: Greenhouse gas emission reductions as a motivator of e85 purchases across market segments

Variable name Description (1 = strongly disagree, …, 5 = strongly agree)
FVFlanduse US farmland should be devoted to producing food and not fuel.
FVFfoodprice Increasing ethanol production from corn will lead to higher food prices.
Natsecurity Reducing our dependence on foreign oil is important to improving our national security.
SecVsEnviron Reducing our dependence on foreign oil is more important than protecting the environment.
Drill More land in the USA should be opened up for oil drilling.
Climate Global climate change is occurring.
Health Climate change will lead to environmental and health problems in many parts of the world.
Urgent There is no urgent need to take measures to prevent climate change.
Forest I am extremely worried about loss of the world's forests.
Future I am extremely worried about the state of the world's environment and what it will mean for my future.
LackKnow I don't have enough knowledge to make well-informed decisions on environmental issues.
NoEffect My personal actions don't have any significant effect on the quality of the environment.
Science Science and technology will come up with ways to solve environmental damage and pollution.
Sacrifice Most people are not willing to make sacrifices to protect the environment.
Responsible We have a responsibility to future generations to protect the environment.