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Featured Article: The impact of climate change awareness on behavioral changes in Germany: changing minds or changing behavior?

Authors: Sandra Venghaus, Meike Henseleit and Maria Belka

Using Germany as a case study, it was investigated whether an increase in climate change awareness triggers changes in public perceptions concerning environmental and sustainability issues, and whether it also leads to sustainable behavioral shifts.

As an example, both the election outcome and the public participation in elections may be an important indicator.

In order to scrutinize the question of effectiveness, the available data were analyzed as to whether climate change awareness does in fact manifest itself in behavioral changes towards climate protection, or whether it halts in the minds of people, merely leading to controversial debates and either no or ambivalent behavioral responses in Germany.

The results confirm that the increase in climate change awareness has spurred strong dynamics in the debate around climate change both among the population and in the political realm

In conclusion, more research is needed to determine whether there is actually a lasting shift in paradigm regarding the climate crisis and the environment caused by increased climate change awareness, both in terms of the analyzed lifestyle and consumption decisions as well as with respect to policy-making.


  1. Authors: Mulualem G. Gebreslassie, Carlos Cuvilas, Collen Zalengera, Long Seng To, Idalina Baptista, Enora Robin, Getachew Bekele, Lorraine Howe, Carlos Shenga, Domingos A. Macucule, Joshua Kirshner, Yacob Mulugetta, Marcus Power, Sandy Robinson, David Jones and Vanesa Castán Broto


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Edited by: Dagmar Fiedler, Daniela Thrän

Governing sustainability of bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproduct supply chains from forest and agricultural landscapes
Edited by: Inge Stupak, Tat Smith, Nicholas Clarke


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