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Table 3 Summary of annual solar energy potential with community-scale arrays of PV or HW systems

From: Community-scale assessment of rooftop-mounted solar energy potential with meteorological, atlas, and GIS data: a case study of Guelph, Ontario (Canada)

  City of Guelph Manufacturer and model
SunPower E19/320 Vaillant VFK 150
Footprint area
 City footprint (km2)a 86.72   
 Cumulative building footprint area (km2)b 8.28   
   Commercial, industrial, and institutional (A) 3.17   
   Residential, agricultural, and park (B) 5.11   
 Rated efficiencyc   20.1% 60%
 Balance-of-system efficiency   75% 90%
 Per panel footprint (m2)   1.63 2.50
First scenario - horizontal plane assumption
 Annual potential energy production (GWh[e])
   Interactive maps of Canada   1,709 6,120
   mL&J real sky B + D   1,496 5,360
 Number of panels
   Horizontal (footprint multiplier: 1.00)   5,090,000 3,320,000
Second scenario - roof categorization assumption
 Annual potential energy production (GWh[e])
   mL&J real sky B + D, horizontal (A)   573 2,050
   mL&J real sky B + D, variable (B)   2,380 8,530
   Total (A and B)   2,950 10,580
 Number of panels
   Horizontal (footprint multiplier: 1.00) (A)   1,946,000 1,269,000
   Varied (footprint multiplier:1.89, averaged) (B)   5,910,000 3,860,000
   Total (A and B)   7,860,000 5,120,000
  1. (A) and (B) refer to the rooftop categorizations; aStatistics Canada[25]; bCity of Guelph[51, 53]; csee the ‘Solar PV system’ and ‘Solar HW system’ sections.