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Table 3 Partial 16S rRNA gene sequences retrieved from DGGE fingerprint and sequencing excised bands

From: Floating layer formation, foaming, and microbial community structure change in full-scale biogas plant due to disruption of mixing and substrate overloading

Band ID Genbank accession number Closest relative (accession number) BLAST similarity (%) Taxonomic classification
1 KF147561 Uncultured Clostridiales bacterium (JQ741982.1) 91 Unclassified Clostridiales
2 KF147562 Anaerobic bacterium (AY756145.2) 91 Unclassified Clostridiales
3 KF147563 Uncultured bacterium (GQ132906.1) 83 Unclassified bacteria
4 KF147564 Uncultured bacterium (JX224468.1) 83 Unclassified bacteria
5 KF147565 Uncultured bacterium (KC605949.1) 82 Unclassified Bacteroidales
6 KF147566 Uncultured Bacteroidetes bacterium (JX102011.1) 99 Unclassified Flavobacteriaceae
7 KF147567 Uncultured candidate division WWE1 (JX102010.1) 94 Unclassified bacteria
8 KF147568 Peptostreptococcaceae bacterium (AB377177.1) 94 Gallicola
9 KF147569 Clostridium sp. (FJ424481.1) 98 Clostridium sensustricto
10 KF147570 Uncultured bacterium (AB273806.1) 87 Unclassified Clostridiales
11 KF147571 Uncultured bacterium (AB850144.1) 92 Unclassified Clostridiales
12 KF147572 Uncultured compost bacterium (FN667344.1) 90 Unclassified Clostridiales
13 KF147573 Uncultured Firmicutes bacterium (FN429799.1) 90 Unclassified Clostridiales
14 KF147574 Uncultured bacterium (HQ156179.1) 91 Unclassified Clostridiales
15 KF147575 Uncultured bacterium (FN993992.1) 89 Unclassified Clostridiales
16 KF147576 Uncultured Syntrophomonas sp. (KF511597.1) 95 Syntrophomonas
17 KF147577 Uncultured Clostridia bacterium (JN998166.1) 91 Syntrophomonas
18 KF147580 Uncultured Firmicutes bacterium (HM041937.1) 92 Unclassified Clostridiales
19 KF147578 Uncultured bacterium (GQ134523.1) 88 Proteiniphilum
20 KF147579 Uncultured Chloroflexi bacterium (CU923171.1) 99 Levilinea
  1. Taxonomic assignment was done by RDP Classifier with a confidence threshold of 50%. Closest relatives are shown including Genbank accession numbers.