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Table 6 PSD and SAGE crop categories

From: The role of irrigation in determining the global land use impacts of biofuels

PSD crop categories GTAP/SAGE crop categories
Wheat wht
Maize for grain gro
Rice pdr
Barley gro
Rye for grain gro
Millet gro
Sorghum for grain gro
Soybeans osd
Sunflower osd
Potatoes v-f
Cassava v-f
Sugar cane c-b
Sugar beets c-b
Oil palm osd
Rapeseed/canola osd
Groundnuts/peanuts osd
Pulses v-f
Citrus v-f
Date palm v-f
Grapes/vine v-f
Cotton pfb
Cocoa ocr
Coffee ocr
Others perennial ocr
Managed grassland/pasture ocr
Others annual ocr
Maize, forage ocr
Rye, forage ocr
Sorghum, forage ocr