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Table 11 Different timely periods according to changes of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and substrate characteristics performed in the experiments [26]

From: Biogas and nutrients from blackwater, lawn cuttings and grease trap residues—experiments for Hamburg’s Jenfelder Au district

Period Relevant changes in the process made in this period Reactor 1 Reactors 2–4
HRT Loading rate HRT Loading rate
days kg FM/m3*day days kg FM/m3*day
Period I LJ1 in reactors 3 and 4 20 50 55 18.18
Period II Change of HRT from 55 to 40 days in reactors 2–4; reactor 2 only fed with BW between day 61 and 75a 20 50 40 25.00
Period III Use of LJ 2 with low VS, COD and TOC content (Table 4) in reactors 3 and 4 20 50 40 25.00
  1. aIn order to recover from organic overfed