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Table 2 Error indexes for online optimum BESS management

From: RBF neural network-based online intelligent management of a battery energy storage system for stand-alone microgrids

Y 1-based RBF (active power) 0.0004270 0.0001935 9.947 × 10−7
Y 2-based RBF (reactive power) 0.0001770 0.0001762 7.821 × 10−7
Y 1-based MLP (active power) 0.01485 0.00636 0.00067
Y 2-based MLP (reactive power) 0.01696 0.02231 0.00064
  1. MAE mean absolute error, MRE mean relative error, RMSE root mean square error, RBF radial basis function, MLP multilayer perceptron