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Table 2 Induced economic impacts of household expenditure by community under the three power plant scenarios: continuing to burn coal, shutting down the power plant, and conversion of the power plant to biomass

From: Assessment of potential local and regional induced economic impact of an energy policy change in rural Northwestern Ontario

Market Spatial Distance (km) Multiplier Coal Shutdown Biomass
Atikokan Locally 0 0.50 $41.4M $36.1M $42.0M
Fort Frances Regionally 150 0.10 $8.3M $7.2M $8.4M
Thunder Bay Regionally 210 0.20 $16.5M $14.4M $16.8M
Dryden Regionally 210 0.05 $4.1M $3.6M $4.2M
USA Out of region >210 0.10 $8.3M $7.2M $8.4M
Other Out of region >210 0.05 $4.1M $3.6M $4.2M
    Est. grand total spending ($) $82.7M $72.1M $83.9M
  1. Regional out-shopping multipliers are based on Knowles [73], with Atikokan capturing 50 % of the market, Fort Frances 10 %, Thunder Bay 20 %, Dryden 5 %, USA 10 %, and Other 5 %
  2. NOTE: Source file included separately