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Table 2 Key unobserved dimensions of consumers’ bioenergy perception (n = 586)

From: Public perception of bioenergy in North Carolina and Tennessee

Key dimensions and items (n = 508) Mean ratings (1 to 5) Loadings on dimensions Variation explained (%)
Bioenergy benefits to society (PC1)   Alpha = 0.89 28.52
I believe that investment in the biofuel industry will create jobs 3.82 0.81  
Using biofuels will reduce US dependence on foreign oil 3.80 0.77  
We should produce biofuels to meet our country’s energy demand 3.65 0.76  
I think the biofuel industry will improve the rural economy 3.49 0.75  
I believe biofuel refineries in my region could provide better employment opportunities 3.80 0.73  
I believe the biofuel industry will have more benefits than risks for the society 3.60 0.66  
Risks of bioenergy use (PC2)   Alpha = 0.78 16.94
I believe a biofuel facility in my local area will cause pollution issues 3.01 0.73  
Biofuels are not environmentally friendly (they take more energy to make than it is worth) 2.83 0.71  
I am concerned that using biofuels will lower my vehicle’s gas mileage 3.33 0.66  
I believe our taxes will rise if we produce and use biofuels at a large scale 3.14 0.62  
I would not purchase biofuels because they might be bad for my car engine 3.16 0.62  
Government support for bioenergy (PC3)   Alpha = 0.80 7.03
I trust the government to give me credible information about biofuels 2.56 0.81  
I think the government should subsidize the manufacturing of biofuels 2.96 0.74  
I think the government should invest more in bioenergy research and production 3.32 0.64  
Increase in food cost (PC4)   Alpha = 0.87 5.75
I think biofuels will cause food to be more expensive 3.42 0.84  
I think biofuels made from corn will cause food to be more expensive 3.55 0.81  
Conditional use of trees as feedstocks (PC5)   Alpha = 0.69 4.78
I would support the cutting of trees for biofuels if it significantly reduces oil imports into the US 3.07 0.84  
I would support the cutting of trees for biofuels if for each tree cut another was replanted 3.64 0.77  
Support low cost biofuel alternative to current energy (PC6)   Alpha = 0.50 4.20
I would only choose biofuels if they are lower in price than gasoline 3.42 0.77  
I would purchase biofuels even if it is a little more expensive than gasoline 2.70 −0.66  
I would not like my local power provider to use renewable fuels sources if it costs me more money 3.51 0.58  
Market attribute-based purchase (PC7)   Alpha = 0.58 4.00
I would only purchase biofuels if they were the same price as gasoline 3.33 0.80  
I would only purchase biofuels if they were available at most or all gas stations 3.48 0.66  
I would purchase biofuel if it improves the power of my vehicle’s engine 3.67 0.63  
  1. Variation explained = 71.2 % using varimax rotation, rotation converged in eight iterations, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure of sampling adequacy = 0.86, Bartlett’s test of sphericity = 0.000