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Table 1 Reference yield levels as scenario input

From: A spatial explicit scenario method to support participative regional land-use decisions regarding economic and ecological options of short rotation coppice (SRC) for renewable energy production on arable land: case study application for the Göttingen district, Germany

Item Description Reference value Sources
Yield level crops/yield variation (dt ha−1 a−1) Avg. yield level (2006–2015) for reference crops (model results) in decitons (dt) in the study area 81.2 (wheat—W)
76.4 (barley—B)
39.4 (oilseed rape—OR)
162.5 (maize—M)
Own calculations based on [58]
Yield increase crops (%) Trend analysis (1976–2015) of annual yield increase for reference crops in the Göttingen district 1.6 (W)
1.5 (B)
1.4 (OR
0.3 (M)
Own calculations based on [59, 60]
Yield level SRC (t od ha−1 a−1) Mean annual increment (MAI) over a 20-year period (5-year rotation) for MAX-1 poplar SRC with 7000 cuttings in the study area (model results) 11.0 Own calculations based on [6163]