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Table 2 Selected meta-categories, categories, and exemplary terms in <1><SOC>

From: A new approach to semantic sustainability assessment: text mining via network analysis revealing transition patterns in German municipal climate action plans

Meta-category Category Exemplary terms
<Communication> <publicity_campaigns_PR> Campaign days, image campaign, leaflet, poster, flyer, public relations, flagship project, demonstration projects, publicity
<Consumption> <consumption_in_general > Consumer advice center, shopping mall, consumer, quantity buyer, private consumption
<Economy> <commerce><com_trade_procurement> Supply and demand, proposal, trade, procurement, commercialization, service company, client satisfaction, fair trade
<Economy> <industry><heavy_industry> Heavy industry, Volkswagen AG, large-scale industry, factory
<Economy> <industry><intermediate_products> Manufacturing process, production volume, compressed air supply, paint center, works manager
<Economy> <industry><general_reference> Industry and commerce, producing companies, industry association
<Economy> <service><consulting> Consulting, consulting service, advice center, initial advice, advisory program
<Economy> <general_reference> Economy, company, enterprise, business location, business area, limited company, SME, business start-up
<Finance> <funding_financing_banks> Contracting, funding, credits, accounting, profit-sharing schemes, investment, bank
<Food> <processing_consumption> Food, deep-freeze facility, super market, kitchen
<Infrastructure> <construction_craft_sector> Building, new construction, property Developer, civil engineering, architect, crafts business, janitor
<Institution> <local_administration_bodies> Municipal administration, town hall, public property, office for construction, office for environment, citizens’ office, energy agency
<Infrastructure> <waste_sector> Waste, waste disposal, waste management, landfill, composting facility
<Infrastructure> <wastewater_sector> Wastewater, wastewater treatment plant, sewage, toilet
<Infrastructure> <water_supply_and_consumption> Water supply, ground water, water utilities
<Mobility_Sector> <general_reference> Mobility concept, traffic area, parking space, commuter, main route, fleet
<Psyche> <psyche_consciousness_motivation> Acceptance, motivation, success, life style, consciousness, behavior, role model
<Residents> <population_in_general> Population, people, citizens
<Residents> <residential_area> Residents, inhabitants, living area, garden, single-family home, apartments, neighborhood
<Spatial_Scale> <municipality_city_districts> Downtown, city district, urban district, local authority district, municipal area, metropolitan region, county, affiliated town