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Table 3 Renewable energy potentials in Nigeria––source [109]

From: Microwave pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass––a contribution to power Africa

Resource Potential Current utilizations
Biomass Agricultural residues 91.4 million tons/year produced
Animal wastes 245 million assorted animals in 2001
Energy crops 28.2 million hectares of arable land; 8.5 cultivated
Fuel wood 43.4 million tons/year consumption
Municipal waste 18.5 million tons produced in 2005 and now estimated at 0.5 kg/capita/day
Large hydropower 11,250 MW 1900 MW
Small hydropower 3500 MW 64.2 MW
Solar 4.0–6.5 kWh/m2/day 15 MW dispersed solar PV installations (estimated)
Wind 2–4 m/s @ 10 m height mainland Electronic wind information system (WIS) available