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Table 4 Possible amount of energy production within patch no. 2 per energy source (in kWh per year)

From: Balanced renewable energy scenarios: a method for making spatial decisions despite insufficient data, illustrated by a case study of the Vorderland-Feldkirch Region, Vorarlberg, Austria

Patch no. 2 Total area [m2] 673.329  
  Usable area in m2
Zoning type Geothermal (GT) Photovoltaics (PV) Solar-thermal (ST)
Cultivated forest 101,399
Area to be kept clear 12,607
Agricultural area 478,499 478,499 478,499
Water body
Residential area 19,049
Reserved residential area 26,989 26,989 26,989
Area for special use—garden center
Total 638,542 505,488 505,488
Energy output in kWh per year 18,243,152 27,801,829 70,768,291