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Table 1 Korsimoro reservoir cropping pattern and irrigation technologies [11, 13, 15, 16]

From: Potential of microfinanced solar water pumping systems for irrigation in rural areas of Burkina Faso

Reservoir Attributes
Year of construction 1984
Location 70 km northeast of Ouagadougou
Capacity 4.7 million m3
Agroecological zone South Sahelian zone
Water users (1) Vegetable, (2) rice, (3) pastoralist, (4) fishermen
 Upstream 1000 farmers sharing 230 ha
 Downstream crop Rice 32 ha
 Crop cycles 2 cycles in dry season: Oct to Dec and Jan to Apr
Current pumps used
 Technology Kerosene, petrol, diesel pumps
 Shared pumps 5–10 Hp diesel (brands Kirloskar/Rhino)
 Market availability of pumps Pumps for 2 to 3 ha available at 500 to 700 USD