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Table 1 Interpretation of the rating presented in the Eco.District.Heat kit (own illustration)

From: Future compatibility of district heating in urban areas — a case study analysis in the context of integrated spatial and energy planning

Rating Interpretation
A - Best achievable rating
- A detailed planning of the DHN can be recommended
- Good preconditions for a successful implementation of a DHN
B - Still good preconditions for a successful implementation of a DHN
- By reflecting key parameters, necessary adaptations should be identified in order to gain better results
- After adjustments, detailed planning might be very likely recommended
C - Planned DHN should be handled with caution
- A comprehensive analysis at the level of detailed planning is necessary in order to decide if DHN can be implemented
- Problems operating a DHN can be expected
D - Worst achievable rating
- Areas with a final D rating are not feasible for the implementation of a DHN
- Severe problems can be expected and contradict a reasonable implementation of a DHN