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Table 6 Variables for the calculation of the indicative additional annual cost (AAC)

From: How and to which extent can the gas sector contribute to a climate-neutral European energy system? A qualitative approach

Variable Meaning Source Remark
SUL Support level for renewable gas production Table 5; [98] Varies from 30 to 130 EUR/MWh, reflecting the broad range of production cost estimates for different technologies
TGD Total gas demand [88] Projected demand for 2030 (2803 TWh)
S Share of total gas demand to be covered by renewable gas Varied from 10 to 100%, illustrating the impact of different penetration targets
TN Total number of end-users connected to the gas grid [52] Assumption that costs would be equally shared among all 118 million end-users connected to the gas grid (irrespective of type and size)