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Table 9 Effects of price increase of CO2 certificates (CO2 price) compared with monetary subsidies using energy pathway E as an example

From: Evaluation of co-firing as a cost-effective short-term sustainable CO2 mitigation strategy in Germany

ScenarioCF, wood chipsCF, industry pelletsCF, torrefied biomassCBPPCCS
SubsidyCO2 priceSubsidyCO2 priceSubsidyCO2 priceSubsidyCO2 priceSubsidyCO2 price
Average electricity generation costs (€/MWh)58.29119.3458.16126.8157.68125.0948.695.1260.5476.68
Biomass demand incl. EEG plants (PJ)309.4345.4634.9514.5827.0489.61196.71025.4749.8245.5
CO2 emissions(Million t/a)114.970.594.660.775.954.545.222.985.329.9
CO2 mitigation costs (€/tCO2)7.273.951.792.878.5268.7106.1112.8159.266.7