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Table 5 Result of the Johansen and Juselius analysis

From: Analyzing long-term empirical interactions between renewable energy generation, energy use, human capital, and economic performance in Pakistan

No of CE (s)
Eigen-valuesTrace statistics0.05 critical valueProb.
 At most 10.44123.57635.8720.350
 At most 20.2919.1467.0170.725
 At most 30.36919.96426.2330.375
Trace test indicates 1 co-integrating specification at a 0.05 level
No of CE (s)
Eigen-valuesMax-Eigen statistics0.05 critical valueProb.
 At most 10.44116.06829.3870.233
 At most 20.29110.14718.0170.637
 At most 30.36912.94121.2870.160
  1. Null hypothesis no co-integration, Eigen eigenvalue, Max-Eigen maximum eigenvalue, CE co-integrating equation. * denotes rejection of the hypothesis at the Prob. ≤ .05 level